With things changing daily we will be keeping everyone up to date as to what is happening on the Park here on the Latest News home page.

So from today 19th March the following will come into force.

1. Keep yourselves to yourselves in your holiday home.

2. Only go off the Park if essential. Like food shop, doctor appointments and such like.

3. From Monday 23rd no visitors will be allowed to the Park, unless for medical or emergency reasons. Anyone found on the Park without a valid reason will be asked to leave immediately. Going out for food or having it delivered in is classed as essential.

4. We would ask you all to keep an eye out for your neighbours, even at a distance. Just make sure they are coping alright.

5. You can continue to order gas by phone with a card. Or call in to Reception if necessary. We won’t be taking payments by cheque.

6. Merley House Events have had all but every event cancelled till the end of April. The decision will have to be made as to whether we close the barrier or leave it up. One suggestion is, it is kept down and that everyone wipes the keypad before opening it. But this would mean everyone having wipes in their car, which might be impossible to obtain.

This situation is liable to get a lot worse before it gets better. Please try and be understanding with one another.

The staff are fully aware of the issues we have here and will for the time being, continue to work as normal.

We feel that the Park is probably the safest place for everyone to be, in well, spaced apart units.

Information will be updated as necessary so please just check the web page each day. Thank you for your understanding and stay safe.


Philip Hammick.