Update – Thursday 23rd

Hello Everyone, Thanks for taking the time to read my updates and also for the calls to see how we are all doing here. We are all well thank you. Just going along keeping everything neat and tidy for when … Read More

Update – Wednesday 22nd

Hello everyone. Well the weather continues to be amazing! You just know it will break as soon as the lockdown is lifted. So a few items for you. Pizza in the car park Thursday evening. The chefs are planning a … Read More

Update – Wednesday 15th

Hello Everyone, We had a white van come onto the Park yesterday with a ladder on top of it. Reg PY55GYJ. They were asking if they could have some steps off of somebody. They are NOT on the Park. With … Read More

Update – Tuesday 14th

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all keeping safe and at a good distance from everyone. It is even more important now than before, as we have had someone on the Park with Coronavirus. I’m happy to report that they … Read More

Friday Update

Just a quick update this morning before the Easter weekend. There will be some children going around the Park on Sunday for an Easter Egg hunt, possibly with parents for the younger ones. So don’t be alarmed. They are all … Read More

Update – Tuesday 7th

The letter from the Prime Minister has arrived this morning but there are only about 8 copies, so it has been put up on both the Reception and Leisure facility doors and in the post room. Please take the time … Read More

Update – Monday 6th

Thank you to everyone for holding on in there. These are very difficult times for everyone. I’m sure some of you are going stir crazy!!!! As mentioned at the end of last week, if you could help out a neighbour … Read More

Friday Update

Hello Everyone. I hope you are all ok and keeping yourselves isolated here. It appears to be working well. Little news to update you other than I had a long discussion with someone from the Council midweek, to discuss how … Read More