A Superb Pemberton Glendale Platinum

This superb 3 Bedroom 2017 Pemberton Glendale Platinum lodge has just come to the market. Lovingly looked after by one owner from new, it is as good as the day it came out from the factory, if not even better. … Read More

Archery and Dog Walking

We have been asked by several dog owners if it would be possible to still exercise their dogs whilst the Archery group are practising in the field. After discussion with them we are going to trial the following: We have … Read More

Update Friday 23rd April

Hello Everyone, Just a reminder that the 3rd quarterly pitch fees for this season are due On the 1st May next Saturday. This is the only reminder you will get as you were billed back in November to benefit from … Read More

Latest Update – Monday 12th April

Dear Holiday Homeowner, We would like to Welcome you all back to the Park. It is wonderful to be now open officially, despite there still being many restrictions. We really appreciate everyone’s understanding and co-operation over the last few months … Read More

Latest Update – Wednesday 7th April

Hello everyone. Further to a BH&HPA meeting we can now confirm the following: Other members of your family will be allowed to come and stay in your holiday home at different times to yourselves as long as the holiday home … Read More

Latest Update – Tuesday 6th April

Hello Everyone, Further to yesterdays announcement from the PM, we are pleased to initially advise you all, that the Park will be re-opening from Monday 12th April from 9am. There will be a further update later on tomorrow, on any … Read More

Latest Update Wednesday 31th March 2021

Hello Everyone, We hope you are all keeping well and safe.  We are still waiting for final guidance from the Government about the re-opening of Parks. As soon as we hear you will be the first to know. The intention … Read More

Latest Update Wednesday 24th February 2021

Hello Everyone,   Here is what we believe to be correct as a result of the latest announcement by the Prime Minister. And please bear in mind that this may still change depending on the results going forward from Step … Read More

Latest Update Wednesday 27th January 2021

Hello everyone. If ever we needed a reminder to abide by the rules then this should be why. I received an e mail from a holiday home owners family yesterday to inform me that. Not only had her father just … Read More

Latest Update Thursday 14th January

Hello Everyone. We are just letting you know the latest regarding the Park here at Merley. Obviously with the latest lockdown came yet another Park closure, so those of you on the 10 and 11 month season, have not been … Read More

Latest Update – Wednesday 30th December

Hello Everyone, Well with immediate effect the Park is officially closed from midnight 30th December. As we are now in Tier 4. If you are staying at the Park and can go back to your primary residence you should leave … Read More

Latest update – Sunday 20th December

Hello Everyone,   Well it’s all change again in the run up to Christmas. We will endeavour to keep the information as simple as possible as it only really applies to those of you on the 10 and 11 month … Read More

Latest Update – Tuesday 1st December

Hello Everyone, I know it’s been a while since we did an update but here is the latest news and regulations. As of tomorrow 2nd December, those that wish may still come back and visit their holiday homes but with … Read More

Latest Update – Wednesday 4th November

Hello Everyone.   Here we go again with the New Lockdown  starting at Midnight tonight.   What you need to know.   The Park is officially closed as of 00.01 Thursday 5th November until further notice. Only one visitor is … Read More

Latest Government Guidelines

The latest details from the Government concerning holiday parks is as follows: If you are in a High Risk Tier 2 area, you can still come and visit your holiday home at present but only with people from the same … Read More

David Bellamy Conservation Award Winner

Merley House Holiday Park is presented the #ProtectTourismJobs award David Bellamy Conservation Award Winner for work done to protect jobs within the local community.

Latest Update 25/09/20

With the changes made this week by the Government we are having to follow new rules and guidelines. Hospitality, tourism and leisure businesses are required to request contact details from customers and visitors, and display the official NHS QR code … Read More

Update – Wednesday 16th September

Firstly we would like to welcome and introduce our new manager Nick Miller and his wife Rachel to the Park. They are well known to us as they not only used to rent apartments in Merley House back in the … Read More

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!! – Monday 3rd August

Hello everyone, here is the latest updates for you. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!! From the 8th August this Saturday, face masks will need to be worn in Reception so we suggest you start now if you are coming into Reception. We have … Read More

Update – Tuesday 28th July

With there being no functions currently on at the house and with a few undesirables coming up the lane, we have taken the decision to leave the barrier down for the time being. So if you have any deliveries coming, … Read More

Info – Wednesday 22nd July

It is with regret that we have to inform you that Peter, has left the company. Whilst he was only with us for a short time, due to a number of underlying circumstances and family matters, we had to make … Read More

Update – Monday 20th July

Hello Everyone, Two updates for you. 1). Our latest newsletter is available in Reception if you haven’t already picked it up. It’s got lots of good news in it for you. 2). Please can you all be aware that from … Read More

Update – Wednesday 8th July

Hello Everyone and welcome back to the Park. We know you haven’t all been back yet but in needing to keep you updated, already the visitor forms are out of date as the rules and regulations change daily. We have … Read More

Update – Saturday 27th June

Hello everyone, Finally the last details have been put in place for us to be able to reopen. The park will reopen on SATURDAY 4th JULY after 9AM. You will all be receiving a letter from us In the next … Read More

Update – Tuesday 23rd June

Hello everyone At last the news we have all been waiting for. Parks are allowed to reopen from the 4th July next month. Whilst we don’t have all the information to hand yet as to who will be allowed it … Read More

Update – Wednesday 17th June

Hello everyone. This latest message is for everyone still here on the Park. There seems to be an ever increasing number of unknown visitors and vehicles coming onto the park in recent days. May we remind you the Park is … Read More

Update – Friday 12th June

Hello Everyone, Here is the latest news update regarding the re-opening of Parks across England. After sitting in on a 1 ½ hour zoom meeting with upwards of 1000 delegates yesterday, we are still being told that all Parks are … Read More

Update – Wednesday 3rd June

Hello, As a result of the amazing weather we have had, certain items have started to appear on the park that we have not had to deal with in the past. One in particular is a fire pit. Fire pits … Read More

Afternoon Latest News 29th

Hello Everyone, After Mr Johnson’s latest update yesterday, we have been taking further advice from the BH&HPA and Tozers, their legal team on where the Park stands. As of today the Park remains closed to all outside visitors other than … Read More

Update – Friday 29th May

Hello Everyone, The Park is still officially SHUT, so todays news doesn’t mean you can now have visitors here. I know people are starting to go stir crazy with it all, but remember, you might not have been allowed to … Read More

Update – Friday15th May

Hello Everyone. We are being asked several questions now by both people that are here on the Park and those wanting to come here. Q. So asked if it is ok to come and visit your holiday home, if only … Read More

Update – Thursday 14th May

Hello Everyone. We are being asked several questions now by both people that are here on the Park and those wanting to come here.   So asked if it is ok to come and visit your holiday home, if only … Read More

Update – Wednesday 13th May

Hello Everyone, Thank you for your patience and understanding, all of you who are unable to come to your holiday home at this time. A a result of the latest Government updates the following sentence does unfortunately mean that you … Read More

Update – Thursday 7th May

Hello everyone, With this weekends VE Day celebration there has been inquiries for some kind of way to celebrate it. So as long as everyone stays apart the minimum distance we don’t have a problem with you raising a glass … Read More

Update – Friday 1st May

Hello Everyone, and a special hello to all of you unable to visit your holiday homes due to the lockdown. We hope you are all keeping well, wherever you happen to be. We just want you to know that we … Read More

Update – Thursday 23rd

Hello Everyone, Thanks for taking the time to read my updates and also for the calls to see how we are all doing here. We are all well thank you. Just going along keeping everything neat and tidy for when … Read More

Update – Wednesday 22nd

Hello everyone. Well the weather continues to be amazing! You just know it will break as soon as the lockdown is lifted. So a few items for you. Pizza in the car park Thursday evening. The chefs are planning a … Read More

Update – Wednesday 15th

Hello Everyone, We had a white van come onto the Park yesterday with a ladder on top of it. Reg PY55GYJ. They were asking if they could have some steps off of somebody. They are NOT on the Park. With … Read More

Update – Tuesday 14th

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all keeping safe and at a good distance from everyone. It is even more important now than before, as we have had someone on the Park with Coronavirus. I’m happy to report that they … Read More

Friday Update

Just a quick update this morning before the Easter weekend. There will be some children going around the Park on Sunday for an Easter Egg hunt, possibly with parents for the younger ones. So don’t be alarmed. They are all … Read More

Update – Tuesday 7th

The letter from the Prime Minister has arrived this morning but there are only about 8 copies, so it has been put up on both the Reception and Leisure facility doors and in the post room. Please take the time … Read More

Update – Monday 6th

Thank you to everyone for holding on in there. These are very difficult times for everyone. I’m sure some of you are going stir crazy!!!! As mentioned at the end of last week, if you could help out a neighbour … Read More

Friday Update

Hello Everyone. I hope you are all ok and keeping yourselves isolated here. It appears to be working well. Little news to update you other than I had a long discussion with someone from the Council midweek, to discuss how … Read More

Tuesday – 31th additional

Just had a message through from the chef. The Sunday Roast is going ahead. Kindly book if you want it.

Tuesday – 31th Update

Morning Everyone. I hope you are all well. A few items for you today. Firstly, last night was the last evening meal the Chefs were doing at the main house. I know those of you who have been using them … Read More

Monday 30th Update

Hello Everyone, Unfortunately the House are having to Furlough all their staff from tomorrow, so tonight will be the last meal the chef’s are doing including Bread. The next steps we will be taking here on the Park will be … Read More

Update – Saturday 28th

Hello Everyone and thanks for taking the time to read these messages and updates. Also for your continued support in remaining calm and understanding. Just two things you need to know today. Firstly, if anyone should ask, THE PARK IS … Read More

Latest News – Friday 27th

Three items today. Firstly Linda’s phone number from the 23rd was missing a digit. It should be 07847 282539. Secondly, people are still not keeping the recommended 2 metres distance from other people on the Park. This has become more … Read More

Thursday 26th March.

Some Additional Park Rules. Please stay a minimum of 2 meters from everybody. This is IMPORTANT!! The Touring Park next door is now completely SHUT. Do not go walking around it. You can walk through their wood out past Cobhams. … Read More

Latest Update -25th March

Further to information from the Government and BH and HPA the weekend information has now been confirmed. All of you currently staying on the Park will be allowed to remain here. See Below. Guidance provided by DCMS: Should hotels and … Read More

Update – 24th March

As of last nights announcement from the Prime Minister the following decision has been made regarding people staying on holiday parks. Government guidance published last night on this link confirms the businesses and premises which must now shut and must remain closed including: ‘Caravan parks/sites for commercial … Read More

Latest update 23rd March.

We hope everyone is keeping safe and listening to the Government action plans. We were advised, as of yesterday, Sunday afternoon, that all holiday home owners who use their caravans, lodges or cabins for weekend and holiday purposes, would have … Read More


Whilst the Government is possibly getting to the point of closing Holiday Parks, the industry has pointed out that a lot of people will have nowhere to go. If it means going back to their residence abroad, they can’t. If … Read More


With things changing daily we will be keeping everyone up to date as to what is happening on the Park here on the Latest News home page. So from today 19th March the following will come into force. 1. Keep … Read More

Merley House

We are delighted to say that the work on the roof of Merley House has now been completed. So the scaffolding on the far corner will soon be coming down.  

2020 Season

For the 2020 Season we only have a limited number of pitches available for New Holiday Homes but no pitches for Lodges or Log Cabins. Please call 01202883823 for more information.