Afternoon Latest News 29th

Hello Everyone,

After Mr Johnson’s latest update yesterday, we have been taking further advice from the BH&HPA and Tozers, their legal team on where the Park stands.

As of today the Park remains closed to all outside visitors other than for dropping off deliveries or workforce coming in to do jobs. The Holiday Parks industry is still looking at the 4th July as a reopening date.  We are strongly making a case to have this lifted and brought forward, by our industries body contacting Government at the highest level and MP’s across the country.

So whilst no outside visitors can come and stay on your deck or pitch area. There is however, some good news for those of you that are here. You are now allowed to visit other home owners outside as long as the 2 meter rule is enforced and no more than 6 people gather together at any one time. We will monitor this closely, so please abide by what is said or we will have no hesitation in revoking it. That is because it has also come to our attention that certain individuals have not been heeding the distance rule and this must stop. It’s for everyone’s own safety.

It looks like it’s going to be another scorching weekend, so if you are here and having a BBQ, please have an extinguisher to hand. We don’t want any fires!!!!

Otherwise, have a safe weekend and we will update you further, when we get more news. If you are in any doubt as to what you can and can’t do, ring first and ask!!