Archery and Dog Walking

We have been asked by several dog owners if it would be possible to still exercise their dogs whilst the Archery group are practising in the field. After discussion with them we are going to trial the following:

  • We have cut a new path the length of the field, splitting it in half.
  • We will put up some red marker posts along it.
  • If the Archers are in the field at any time, you will be allowed to walk your dogs in the top half of the field, but only if the dog is on a lead, and do not go past the red marker strip.
  • We will trail this for two months and see how it goes.

Should we get any feedback from the Archery group that someone has allowed their dog off the lead and it has strayed beyond the halfway strip, we will pull the plug on it and revert back to nobody in the field whilst the Archery group are in there practising. Let’s hope we don’t have to do this. We will put up a new sign at the gate explaining this as well.