Whilst the Government is possibly getting to the point of closing Holiday Parks, the industry has pointed out that a lot of people will have nowhere to go. If it means going back to their residence abroad, they can’t. If it means going back to family, that is not what they need to be doing at this time. So the industry is fighting hard to keep the Parks open at present. We certainly don’t have any intention of shutting. We see your holiday home as the safest place to be right now, if everyone is sensible and continues to take the advice given.

The offers of help going forward have been great by people all over the Park.

Linda who can be contacted on  07847 282539 is offering assistance to go and do a food shop or pick up prescriptions as and if people can’t or don’t want to leave their holiday home.

Rachel who has the mobile pizza trailer is offering to do a Pizza evening but does need a minimum of 25 orders to fire up the kiln. See notice board next to Laundrette.

Merley House Chefs who are, quite frankly out of work, are coming in from next week baking bread daily and also offering a menu that they have already been around the Park with.

It’s also on the notice board.

The meals will be takeaway only, available from around 5.30pm onwards, and some will be meals that you could freeze if necessary.

So if you can support them, I know they would be very grateful.

So continue to remain isolated but keeping in contact with your neighbours please and look out for one another.


Philip Hammick.