Update – Tuesday 14th

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all keeping safe and at a good distance from everyone. It is even more important now than before, as we have had someone on the Park with Coronavirus. I’m happy to report that they are on the mend, now out of hospital and back here at the Park. But isolated now for two weeks, along with their partner who is also isolating for two weeks.


On another note, it is even more important that there are no visitors onto the Park, unless for the reasons allowed. To deliver food, medical supplies or have been pre allowed onto the Park. This includes deliveries of takeaways. Any of these deliveries should be picked up by you at the barrier. DO NOT give out the barrier number. We had a situation this weekend where a delivery driver went knocking on several doors all around the Park before finding the customer. THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN under any circumstances.


On a positive note:

Thank you everyone for tying up your bin bags, it makes our life at lot easier when collecting.

The Easter Egg hunt went well and was enjoyed by all the children here on the Park.

The weather continues to be kind to us, dry and sunny.

Rachel’s Pizza’s will be Friday night in the Car Park.

Matt and Callum are doing their Sunday Roast on!!!!! Sunday!!!


Once again, thank you for your co-operation at this difficult time. Stay Distanced and Safe.