Friday Update

Hello Everyone. I hope you are all ok and keeping yourselves isolated here. It appears to be working well.

Little news to update you other than I had a long discussion with someone from the Council midweek, to discuss how things are here and what precautions we are taking. The lady seemed to be more than happy with how we have dealt with being allowed to remain open and have owners here on the Park. So long may that remain so, as things start to ramp up.

Thank you from Rachel and Lisa for all of you, who had Pizzas last night from her. Myself included. It was very good. She will be putting a notice up on the notice board about next week. She will be parked opposite the Main House next week rather than opposite the phone box.

Just a reminder that gas can be ordered at any time, within reason, but will only be delivered on a Monday and Friday. Payment can be made by card, either at reception or by phone when we are in the office, or bank transfer. We are no longer accepting cheques.

If you are already getting bored being stuck here and are looking for something to do. First of all, take a look at your own holiday home and pitch. Does the home need washing, gutters clearing? Does the pitch need tidying up? If you’ve already done this and are looking at your neighbours home and it could do with a wash. Be the lovely neighbour and wash it. After all it is probably you that has to look at it. We are going to be making ladders, leaf rakes and anything else you might want to help do a bit of tidying up, available from the start of next week. Even if you don’t want to clear it away, we can pop round and pick it up and deal with it. Branches, piles of leaves, weeds etc.

Finally, the office will be closed again over the weekend, except for emergency calls.

Have a quiet and safe weekend.