Update – Friday 12th June

Hello Everyone,

Here is the latest news update regarding the re-opening of Parks across England.

After sitting in on a 1 ½ hour zoom meeting with upwards of 1000 delegates yesterday, we are still being told that all Parks are unlikely to re-open until the 4th July. This is very dependent on the geographical R rate remaining low and the latest information given to us by the Government on the 18th June next week.

Here at Merley, we had a risk assessment done at the start of the week, before the meeting, and are now following risk assessment guidelines from the BH&HPA in order for us to obtain a Covid 19 free certificate. This will be a legal requirement for us to have in order to re-open.

With this in mind we will be sending out a newsletter to everyone, once we have finalised the risk assessment and the protocol that everyone will have to adhere too once we re-open the Park.

We hope at this time, you are all safe and well and look forward to seeing you all back here at Merley in a few weeks time. Have a good weekend.