Latest News – Friday 27th

Three items today.

Firstly Linda’s phone number from the 23rd was missing a digit. It should be 07847 282539.

Secondly, people are still not keeping the recommended 2 metres distance from other people on the Park. This has become more important than ever now. If we see people too close we will initially warn them first. A second time will be a written warning and should it come to a third time, they will have to leave the Park.

Lastly, the chef’s would like to say a big thank you for all the support you have been giving them.  Please continue with this. Tonight is Pizza night. Our order is in.

Finally a massive thank you to Linda at N42 who has been a STAR. As well as working for the NHS she is also taking time to food shop for several people on the Park. An amazing lady!!!!!

The office will be closed over the weekend except for any emergencies. Phone Phil.