Update – Friday 1st May

Hello Everyone, and a special hello to all of you unable to visit your holiday homes due to the lockdown. We hope you are all keeping well, wherever you happen to be.

We just want you to know that we are thinking of you and hope  to see you all soon. With this in mind over the last two weeks your pitches/parking bays etc have been weedkill sprayed and this week, strimmed around. So hopefully when you do return, it won’t look like your home has disappeared into a jungle.

We have asked those here, to do the neighbourly thing of keeping an eye on their neighbours home, be it give it a wash, water plants or tidy the pitch, as generally it is these people looking out onto next doors unit. A few have done this and thank you to those of you that have. But in general, and it has come to our notice through the spraying and strimming, that there are a number of people here who need to look seriously at their own pitches and units first. If ever there was a time for those stuck here to tidy up and clean their pitch and home it is now. We don’t want to be having to send out letters, or name and shame, but several pitches require attention to bring them up to the sort of standard, not only we, but our clients expect here at the Park.

The lockdown is looking like it will continue for a few weeks yet. We are having the odd person come back to the Park and we actively make sure they immediately go into two weeks isolation from their arrival. One arrived back from New Zealand this morning!!!! On one of the last 5 flights repatriating UK citizens.

The pizza night is still proving to be a success and thank you to Rachel for continuing with that. Also the chefs for their once fortnightly Sunday Roast takeaway.

Deliveries seem to be on the increase , as certain restrictions are lifted, so please remind the delivery companies to just drop off at the reception, unless it is a bulk item, which can be delivered direct to your unit.

Other than that, there is not a lot else to say.  Other than continue to remain at home and stay distanced and safe.