Latest Update Wednesday 24th February 2021

Hello Everyone,


Here is what we believe to be correct as a result of the latest announcement by the Prime Minister. And please bear in mind that this may still change depending on the results going forward from Step 1.

If all goes well from the 8th March we should in effect be able to re-open the Park to everyone from 12th April which would be fantastic news for all of you. Whilst they are also allowing indoor pools to re-open at this stage, it may be that we wait an additional month to the middle of May to have ours ready for everyone to be able to make use of again.

This is all provisional at present and we will update you further should we hear any further news at a later date.


If this is the case, we will be offering those of you on the 7.5 month season an extra month through to the end of November and those of you on the 10 month season an extra month through to the middle of February 2022.