Update – Wednesday 3rd June

As a result of the amazing weather we have had, certain items have started to appear on the park that we have not had to deal with in the past. One in particular is a fire pit.
Fire pits will not be allowed on the park. Not only do they constitute a fire risk, which in the current weather conditions we certainly don’t need, but the smoke generally given off from them will undoubtedly upset others in the vicinity. Sorry if you have been and bought one but you will not be allowed to use it here on the park.
Subject to agreement with the park you should be able to have charcoal in it for the purpose of a bbq as this burns completely differently to plain wood.

There is still no good news from the point of view of parks reopening sooner than the 4th July at present and we can therefore not have visitors to the park. You should instead go to them.

Thank you for your cooperation and stay safe.