Update – Thursday 14th May

Hello Everyone.

We are being asked several questions now by both people that are here on the Park and those wanting to come here.


  1. So asked if it is ok to come and visit your holiday home, if only for the day.
  2. The advice from Government and BH&HPA is NO. The Park is officially shut. This is likely to remain in force till the early July opening date that the Government is looking to implement.


  1. Can those who are here on the Park have one visitor to see, if only at a distance and not in the holiday home.
  2. No, any visitor can only be dropping off or checking up on individuals here on the Park. The advice is for both parties to meet up OFF site somewhere.


  1. Can a trades person come to do work on my holiday home.
  2. Yes they can as long as the required laws are met, by both the worker and the home owner, if they are present in the home.


It doesn’t really make sense that a member of a family can’t visit a parent, but a boilerman can come and repair a boiler, but that’s the crazy situation we find ourselves in at the moment.

I know people are starting to get agitated and itchy feet as the lockdown continues, but when you here there were another 3,500 cases today alone, it is understandable why it is continuing.


Stay Alert and stay safe