Update – Thursday 23rd

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to read my updates and also for the calls to see how we are all doing here. We are all well thank you. Just going along keeping everything neat and tidy for when you can get back to your holiday home. With this in mind. I am currently doing the rounds with a knapsack sprayer, going around anyone and everyone whose pitch is in need of some weedkilling, so you won’t have to spend a lengthy time looking for your home in long grass!!


Next week is strimming!!!! Weather permitting!!


Also, with a lot of units having gone green and dirty over the very wet winter, Richard Maybe in unit 60, is currently out of work and looking to do something. So he has offered his services to clear gutters and wash your holiday home and deck if necessary. The suggestion is that you contact either myself or him on his mobile, 07841 357615. I will be e mailing those of you he considers in need of this service. He will take and send a picture of your home to you, discuss a price to clean it and then do an afterwards picture so you are happy with what he has done. Our normal cleaners charge around £100 per unit plus decking. He is suggesting a lot less than this. He is dong his first job tomorrow to see how long it takes and going from there. If you are interested in having it done, just let either myself or him know.


Stay safe.