Friday Update

Just a quick update this morning before the Easter weekend.

There will be some children going around the Park on Sunday for an Easter Egg hunt, possibly with parents for the younger ones. So don’t be alarmed. They are all clear of the virus.

Linda Huxter, has asked me to mention that, whilst Stuart is in hospital with breathing issues, it has not been confirmed as the virus and that she will update me and everyone in due course. She thanks everyone for the calls of support, but asks if everyone could now please stop calling her, until she knows more and she will then update you. She won’t at this time be continuing with shopping for those she has been doing it for, as she is currently now having to also go into isolation. If you were one of those she was shopping for, could you let us know, so that we can arrange for someone else to do it for you.

Thank you for all supporting Rachel with the Pizza night again last night. She will be remaining in the Car Park cooking from there, from now on.

Have a quiet, safe Easter weekend.