Update – Saturday 28th

Hello Everyone and thanks for taking the time to read these messages and updates. Also for your continued support in remaining calm and understanding.

Just two things you need to know today. Firstly, if anyone should ask, THE PARK IS OFFICIALLY SHUT. We have set up a Road Closed sign down the lane off the roundabout and another at the junction to the Orangery Suite. Which also says no visitors. We are about to go, I think, into the worst set of weeks for this virus taking hold, so it is more important than ever to do all the right things. 2 metre distancing, washing of hands an NO VISITORS.

Secondly can people refrain from announcing details about the house serving food on places like Facebook and such like. This has resulted in us getting enquiries from off the Park. If in doubt read item 1 again!!!

Have a good weekend and stay safe.