Info – Wednesday 22nd July

It is with regret that we have to inform you that Peter, has left the company. Whilst he was only with us for a short time, due to a number of underlying circumstances and family matters, we had to make … Read More

Update – Monday 20th July

Hello Everyone, Two updates for you. 1). Our latest newsletter is available in Reception if you haven’t already picked it up. It’s got lots of good news in it for you. 2). Please can you all be aware that from … Read More

Update – Wednesday 8th July

Hello Everyone and welcome back to the Park. We know you haven’t all been back yet but in needing to keep you updated, already the visitor forms are out of date as the rules and regulations change daily. We have … Read More

Update – Saturday 27th June

Hello everyone, Finally the last details have been put in place for us to be able to reopen. The park will reopen on SATURDAY 4th JULY after 9AM. You will all be receiving a letter from us In the next … Read More

Update – Tuesday 23rd June

Hello everyone At last the news we have all been waiting for. Parks are allowed to reopen from the 4th July next month. Whilst we don’t have all the information to hand yet as to who will be allowed it … Read More

Update – Wednesday 17th June

Hello everyone. This latest message is for everyone still here on the Park. There seems to be an ever increasing number of unknown visitors and vehicles coming onto the park in recent days. May we remind you the Park is … Read More

Update – Friday 12th June

Hello Everyone, Here is the latest news update regarding the re-opening of Parks across England. After sitting in on a 1 ½ hour zoom meeting with upwards of 1000 delegates yesterday, we are still being told that all Parks are … Read More

Update – Wednesday 3rd June

Hello, As a result of the amazing weather we have had, certain items have started to appear on the park that we have not had to deal with in the past. One in particular is a fire pit. Fire pits … Read More

Afternoon Latest News 29th

Hello Everyone, After Mr Johnson’s latest update yesterday, we have been taking further advice from the BH&HPA and Tozers, their legal team on where the Park stands. As of today the Park remains closed to all outside visitors other than … Read More

Update – Friday 29th May

Hello Everyone, The Park is still officially SHUT, so todays news doesn’t mean you can now have visitors here. I know people are starting to go stir crazy with it all, but remember, you might not have been allowed to … Read More

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