Friday Update

Just a quick update this morning before the Easter weekend. There will be some children going around the Park on Sunday for an Easter Egg hunt, possibly with parents for the younger ones. So don’t be alarmed. They are all … Read More

Update – Tuesday 7th

The letter from the Prime Minister has arrived this morning but there are only about 8 copies, so it has been put up on both the Reception and Leisure facility doors and in the post room. Please take the time … Read More

Update – Monday 6th

Thank you to everyone for holding on in there. These are very difficult times for everyone. I’m sure some of you are going stir crazy!!!! As mentioned at the end of last week, if you could help out a neighbour … Read More

Friday Update

Hello Everyone. I hope you are all ok and keeping yourselves isolated here. It appears to be working well. Little news to update you other than I had a long discussion with someone from the Council midweek, to discuss how … Read More

Tuesday – 31th additional

Just had a message through from the chef. The Sunday Roast is going ahead. Kindly book if you want it.

Tuesday – 31th Update

Morning Everyone. I hope you are all well. A few items for you today. Firstly, last night was the last evening meal the Chefs were doing at the main house. I know those of you who have been using them … Read More

Monday 30th Update

Hello Everyone, Unfortunately the House are having to Furlough all their staff from tomorrow, so tonight will be the last meal the chef’s are doing including Bread. The next steps we will be taking here on the Park will be … Read More

Update – Saturday 28th

Hello Everyone and thanks for taking the time to read these messages and updates. Also for your continued support in remaining calm and understanding. Just two things you need to know today. Firstly, if anyone should ask, THE PARK IS … Read More

Latest News – Friday 27th

Three items today. Firstly Linda’s phone number from the 23rd was missing a digit. It should be 07847 282539. Secondly, people are still not keeping the recommended 2 metres distance from other people on the Park. This has become more … Read More

Thursday 26th March.

Some Additional Park Rules. Please stay a minimum of 2 meters from everybody. This is IMPORTANT!! The Touring Park next door is now completely SHUT. Do not go walking around it. You can walk through their wood out past Cobhams. … Read More

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